Friday, January 30, 2009

Total defense

On February 15th, 1942,Singapore surrendered to the Japanese on that day .From then, Singapore entered a dark era which the Japanese controls Singapore which is known as the 'Japanese occupation'.After a few years,the Japanese surrendered to Singapore and to prevent future surrenders,we embarked what is known as total defense.This strategy comprises of five parts: Psychological Defence, Civil Defence, Social Defence, Economic Defence, and Military Defence.
Psychological Defence refers to instilling patriotism and pride of Singapore, in all Singaporeans. Civil Defence simply means our local emergency services: the fire department and medical services. The police somehow doesn't fall under this category. Social Defence means keeping Singapore's mutliethnic society a united one in times of crisis, and not letting anybody tear it apart. Economic Defence is the structuring of business plans to minimise negative impact on the economy in times of conflict. Military Defence is self-explanatory.This year's title is 'What will will you defend?I will defend the pledge as it is the pride of the country.

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